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Tutorial – Ihr Start mit Helpilepsy

Helpilepsy hat sich mit Neurologen und Menschen mit Epilepsie zusammengetan, um einen Assistenten zu schaffen, der Ihnen und Ihrem Arzt helfen soll, Ihre Epilepsie besser zu verfolgen, zu bewältigen und zu verstehen. Unser Ziel: Die Erhöhung Ihrer Lebensqualität.

Die folgenden Schritte zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie Helpilepsy richtig verwenden.

Step 0 – Download the app & create your account

Welcome to helpilepsy! Here’s the very simple procedure to start using helpilepsy!

1. Download the “helpilepsy” app on your smartphone

Here the links to the apps (one for Android phones, one for iOS phones):

2. Register yourself

  • Create an account with a valid email address (to receive your reports.)
  • If your neurologist prescribed/advised you helpilepsy, make sure to add his/her details.
  • HINT: Even if not, add his/her details too. This way if he becomes partners, he’ll have directly access to your epilepsy via the helpilepsy web dashboard

All set! The helpilepsy assistant will help you over the next days to correctly use helpilepsy.

Step 1 – Add your treatment

This is the first step: Adding your treatment to the helpilepsy assistant!

Why is this important? By tracking your treatments, as well as your seizures & your side effects, you’ll be able to see how well your treatment and your doses are working for you. For example is Tegretol really working better than Keppra for you? This is also useful for your neurologist: it will give him a clear picture on your epilepsy and your treatments.

How to do this? Check the video here below, or the step-by-step guide just below the video.

Step 2 – Add & detail your seizures

This is the second step: Adding and detailing all your seizures in the helpilepsy assistant!

Why is this important?

  • For a neurologist, it’s really important to understand what type of seizures you experience, how often, when how long, what happened before, or after, etc. Thanks to this kind of information, your neurologist can tailor the treatment to your case.
  • Furthermore, for you, knowing when your seizures happen and what triggers them can help you avoid them.

With the helpilepsy assistant, the tracking and detailing of epilepsy is made easy for you:

How to do this? Check the video here below, or the step-by-step guide just below the video.

Step 3 – Prepare your appointments through helpilepsy

This is the third step: Write your appointment dates down, let helpilepsy assist you in preparing them & get an appointment report!

Sub Step 3.1 – Check out how your appointment report will look like
Before your next appointment, the helpilepsy assistant will help you prepare for it and even provide you with a nice report. You will be able to print and share this report with your physician. It contains your epilepsy data:

  • Your current & past treatments
  • Your seizures, in a table & in a timeline, to vizualise the treatment’s efficacy
  • Your side effects
  • Your other notes/events
  • Your answers to the appointment preparation questionnaire

Here a screenshot of this report (with fake data ? ):

Step 4 – Add your side effects

This is the fourth step: Track also your side effects, because no seizures is great, but no side effects too is amazing!

Why is this important? Anti-Epileptic Drugs can be very helpful & life-saving, but sometimes, the side effects are making our lives hell. By changing drugs or the doses, some side effects can be avoided. That’s why it’s important to also track our side effects.

How to do this? Check the video here below, or the step-by-step guide just below the video.

Step 5 – Add your notes/events related to epilepsy

This is the fifth step: Epilepsy can be influenced by your lifestyle: how to track it with helpilepsy.

Why is this important? Living with epilepsy isn’t just seizures, treatments, side effects and appointments. It is also:

    • Questions to your neurologists
    • Blood tests
    • Impact of lifestyle & life events on seizures (e.g. Periods for women, sport, partying, etc.)

By tracking & writing stuff that might be linked to your epilepsy, you help yourself and your neurologist better understand it.

How to do this? Check the video here below, or the step-by-step guide just below the video.

Step 6 – The 5 helpilepsy stars

This is the sixth step: The helpilepsy 5 stars. To track your epilepsy well, try to get your 5 helpilepsy stars! Here you have the explanation of each star!

  • Star 1 – Your current treatment
    To get this star, make sure to have a current treatment.Wondering how to do this? Check step 1 to get the info.
  • Star 2 – Your next & previous appointments
    To get this star, make sure to have at least 1 next appointment (= in the future) and 1 past appointment (= in the past).Wondering how to do this? Check step 3 to get the info.
  • Star 3 – Your side effects
    To get this star, make sure to have at least 1 side effect reported in the last 2 months.Wondering how to do this? Check step 4 to get the info.
  • Star 4 – Your past treatments
    To get this star, make sure to have at least 1 past treatment.Wondering how to do this? Check step 1 to get the info.
  • Star 5 – Your other epilepsy-related events/notes
    To get this star, make sure to have least 1 note/event about your epilepsy reported in the last 2 months.Wondering how to do this? Check step 5 to get the info.

Good luck with getting those stars! And, by the way, don’t forget to report your seizures ? No stars for that, though!

Step 7 – Reports of your epilepsy

This is the seventh step: Reports of your epilepsy helps you understand it better. As you use helpilepsy more and more, you will accumulate data about your epilepsy. The helpilepsy assistant will help you gain useful insights in your epilepsy thanks to the data. Here some examples of reports you will receive:

  • Weekly updates about your epilepsy
  • Reports on your seizure triggers
  • Reports for your appointments with your physician
  • Etc.

Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

This section contains all types of frequently asked questions that you might have too.

If you can’t find your answer, you have 3 options:

  • Option 1: Send us a mail at hello@helpilepsy.com
  • Option 2: Contact us on Facebook here
  • Option 3: Chat with us by clicking on the small text icon on the bottom right of your screen

Is helpilepsy free?

Short answer: Yes, it’s free.

More complete answer: The PRO version of helpilepsy is not free. This PRO version is only accessible through our partner neurologists.

Can I download my data in Excel or PDF format?


Currently this is possible by sending a request to “hello@helpilepsy.om”. You’ll receive all your epilepsy data in Excel or PDF format.

In the future, this will be easier via a button in the app.

Where can I download helpilepsy?

You can download it on your smartphone, from the App Store.

Here the links to the stores:

What is helpilepsy PRO?

helpilepsy PRO is the professional version of the helpilepsy assistant. It is destined to assist both the neurologist and his patients, during and between appointments. It is more advanced and more complete than the “normal” helpilepsy assistant, e.g. helpilepsy PRO users have access to a web dashboard & can share their data automatically with their neurologist.

It is only accessible through helpilepsy partner neurologists.

If you are a neurologist, visit this page for more info.

How do I know if I’m eligible for helpilepsy PRO?

If your neurologist is a partner neurologist of helpilepsy then you are eligible for helpilepsy PRO.

If your neurologist gave you the helpilepsy prescription, with his helpilepsy account, then it means he/she is a partner neurologist.

How do I set up treatment reminders in the app?


First step: Make sure you have a current treatment. For that, go in the “Treatments”-tab (3rd tab at the bottom) and check that you have a current treatment.

Second step: Tap on “Add reminders“. From there on, it should be easy.

It might take 1 day to be fully operational.

In the “Diary” (2nd tab at the bottom), you will see your intake times/reminders that you set up. By tapping on them, you can add the effective intake time. This is useful if you want to test different intake times for example.

How can I edit my treatment?

You can’t edit treatments.

A treatment has a begin and an end date:

  • If you are starting a new treatment, just tap “Add” (in the Treatments tab) and define your new treatment.
  • If you made a mistake in your current treatment, you have to delete it and create it again.

How does helpilepsy help me with my appointments?

The helpilepsy assistant helps you in different ways:

  • Before your appointment, you will receive a complete report of your epilepsy (as reported in the app)
  • Via a short appointment preparation questionnaire, we also help you to ask yourself the right questions before meeting with your neurologist. These answers will answer be available in the epilepsy report.
  • If you are using helpilepsy PRO, your neurologist will have access to your epilepsy through the helpilepsy web dashboard, giving him a complete picture of your epilepsy (as recorded in the app by you).