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Understand your epilepsy

Understand your epilepsy

The Helpilepsy assistant aims to bring you more autonomy and better quality of life. With the application, you can track seizures, side effects, medication,…

Helpilepsy has been developed in close collaboration with epileptologists and PWE.

How it works

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02 – Track your epilepsy

03 – Learn about your epilepsy

04 – Use your data with your neurologist during the consultation

How it works
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Efficient tracking of my epilepsy seizures and side effects

Jessica L.

Jessica L.

“ I like the helpilepsy app because it allows me to track my epilepsy (seizures, side effects because of the treatments, appointments with the neurologists). I find it is an essential tool in the follow-up of my epilepsy ”

Zélie F.

“ It helps me to better manage my side effects and better realize the impact of it. Helpilepsy also helps me to remind myself to take my medication. Without it, I would forget it. It’s also great to be able to put appointments in the app, to not forget them ”

Medication reminders

Zélie F.

Preparation for neurologist appointment

Patrick M.

Patrick M.

“ Based on my input and a short questionnaire, I receive a report one week before the consultation. This report summarizes my seizures, side effects, treatments and my questions to the neurologist. I can see the evolution and can have meaningful discussions with the neurologist. ”

William Lennox Hopital

Dr van Rijckevorsel, Epileptologist

“ With Helpilepsy, I spend less time on the number of seizures and more time on their descriptions and/or the conditions in which they happened ”

During appointment, more time for questions on how to improve
quality of life

William lennox

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