Chronic diseases are really tough. Epilepsy is no exception.
It prevents us from reaching our maximum potential. Be it because of the seizures, the side effects, the glance of others, our self-confidence or something else… It’s like we’re walking through life with a heavy suitcase. A suitcase invisible to others…

Chronic diseases are really tough…

Chronic diseases, unlike temporary diseases, don’t just need to be treated (because current technologies don’t allow complete healing). They also need to be understood and managed.

Today, the way we treat epilepsy is often limited to a 20 minutes appointment every 6 months with our neurologist. In these 20 minutes, our neurologist needs to:

  • Understand our last 6 months of epilepsy
  • Answer all our questions from the past months
  • Explain to us what the options are for the future
  • Decide with us the best option for the future
  • Help us better understand and better manage our epilepsy

Argh! Impossible! In 20 minutes, we barely have the time to explain our epilepsy!



That’s why we work on helpilepsy, a digital health assistant for people with epilepsy & neurologists.
For people with epilepsy, the assistant helps to better understand and manage the epilepsy.
For neurologists, the assistant helps to understand quicker and more precisely the patient’s epilepsy, to be able to focus on the future.

Between appointments, the health assistant helpilepsy helps to:

  • Track your epilepsy: via a mobile app (& later connected devices)
  • Understand & manage your epilepsy: via a mobile app & relevant epilepsy articles/tips

During appointment, the health assistant helpilepsy helps to:

  • Understand quickly & accurately the epilepsy and its evolution: via a dashboard structuring the epilepsy.

By doing this, the health assistant helpilepsy wants to truly allow people with epilepsy and their neurologists better manage this damn epilepsy!



Our team is convinced of helpilepsy’s value, and we’re not alone in this: since several months, patients and neurologists participate to this project, to really be a game-changer! We hope other people with epilepsy and other neurologists will join us to continue improving this assistant!

To make this project sustainable, we need some revenues, but we don’t want to deprive people of this assistant. That’s why we offer 2 versions:

  • Regular version, free for life: Only between appointments (mobile app) => Already awesome to better understand & better manage the epilepsy!
  • Pro version, small monthly fee: Between & during appointments (mobile app + web dashboard) => Only via our partner neurologists.

Does this mission of helpilepsy mean something to you? Join us by using the assistant & harass us with feedback!

See you soon!

The helpilepsy team
Jon, Alex, Sanou, Nico, Stan, Fanny, Rob…