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Our aim is to support neurologists

We want to support you in bringing great health outcomes to your patients, in an efficient way, while increasing patient delight. In this regard, Helpilepsy Health Assistant is designed for both the patient and his neurologist.

For neurologists: via a web dashboard & a prepared patient

Thanks to a structured, interactive & actionable web dashboard, as well as a prepared patient, we help you reach time-efficient appointments focusing on future-oriented & high impact activities.

For patients: via a mobile assistant

We help the patient track his epilpesy more accurately & more consistently.
Furthermore, we aim to empower the patient & improve his self-management skills

We do this with great people

We are supported and advised by people with epilepsy, neurologists and patients organizations.

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Clinical research ranks these as top epilepsy seizure triggers

An epileptic seizure can happen at any moment. This unpredictability is one of the worst things (if not THE worst) about epilepsy. The dream of all people with epilepsy is to never have a seizure again. Can we reach this dream? In this article I explain 3 things: Why...

Why helpilepsy?

WHY? Chronic diseases are really tough. Epilepsy is no exception. It prevents us from reaching our maximum potential. Be it because of the seizures, the side effects, the glance of others, our self-confidence or something else... It's like we're walking through life...

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